Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The perfect combo

An over-easy egg on a bed of sautéed spinach and sweet potato home fries.

This may not be the perfect breakfast combo for most people but it is for me. I especially love the egg mixed with the garlicky spinach.


What I am noticing about Windows Live Writer is that it is more difficult to include captions to the pictures. I am sure it is just a feature I haven’t discovered yet but if anyone knows how – please tell me!!

Since this happens on a regular basis, you will not be shocked to find out that I had run out of kibble this morning. I needed to use one very large sweet potato in my pantry so the dogs enjoyed sweet potato puree for breakfast.

Sweet potatoes with Bulgarian yogurt, Kyo-Green and Udo’s oil.

For my breakfast, I sautéed up a handful of spinach with two, yes two, cloves of garlic minced with a few drops of olive oil. This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy spinach.
And I saved a few of the sweet potato pieces and browned them up in a skillet with a dash of soy sauce.

So even though the potatoes look slightly charred – it is just the soy sauce glaze which gives the sweet potatoes a nice salty coating.

And I also enjoyed a perfectly ripe kiwi. Gotta have that vitamin C!

I am going to dig through my dwindling supplies and see if I can come up with a fun idea for dinner.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. This plate has a little bit of everything you need to get you going in the morning! The egg over spinach is a really good idea, not to mention the tasty garlic you added in. Well done!

  2. This meal is something I often have for a quick lunch--I love eggs with roasted sweet potatoes, and a side of something green!