Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crispy coconut rice with scrambled eggs

You might have noticed that I have been on a bit of an egg obsession lately.

This is just because I haven't made a trip to the store in days and the handiest protein I have in the house is a dozen of eggs.

This morning I put a skillet on medium heat and added in some coconut butter and stirred in some left over brown rice with a drizzle of soy sauce.

I let that cook until the coconut butter started to brown. Then I whisked in 1 whole egg and three egg whites and turned the heat to low.

I loved the toasted coconut flavor to these eggs.

And since this dish included healthy carbs, it made a nice pre-workout meal.

I did the YogaX workout from the P90x program. It was filled with sun salutations so you work up quite a sweat.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. This looks delicious! I've been making a variation of this with jasmine rice--but the addition of coconut butter would be heavenly!