Friday, July 8, 2011

This sounded good but...

Baked broccoli fries.

The concept of broccoli fries seems like a great idea. The broccoli stalk is one of my favorite parts on a head of broccoli.

And when I spotted this package at the store I knew I wanted to try them out.

I usually like to give these kind of products the benefit of the doubt because they are trying to be innovative in a healthy way.

But, I can say without reservation, these were pretty darn awful.

I like my fries crispy so I did cook them 1 minute longer than package directions but I don't think that explains their texture.

Baked broccoli fries with mixed berries.
 The broccoli fries had a tiny bit of crunch to them but they were mostly dry and mealy in texture. 

It seemed like they didn't use actual broccoli stalks when making these fries but instead used some kind of broccoli paste. 

At least, that is my best guess because there was no discernible piece of broccoli inside - it was just mush.

And worst of all there was so much potato coating on these fries it mostly tasted like dehydrated potatoes with a hint of cardboard. Which, it turns out, is not so yummy.

But there is a bright note to this sad broccoli tale.

The dogs were going nutty over these fries even before I cooked them.

Connor was obsessed with smelling the empty bag.

Connor and Abby both gave the broccoli fries two big thumbs up!

So, the dogs enjoyed the broccoli fries while I enjoyed my bowl of berries.

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion about these, I'd probably try them too! I sure like the idea of them :)

  2. Fried veggies are all the rage these days, but thanks for the review on these. It goes to show that some cooking ideas do not fit for all veggies. But, it might be that just "manufactured" fried broccoli is not good.

  3. oh no i hate when that happens! but i also love when my dogs loves them