Sunday, July 3, 2011

Salmon and cream cheese quesadillas

What I really wanted this morning was this:

Bagel and lox.

But I didn't have any bagels, let alone poppy seed ones. I also did not have any dill.

So, instead I used white corn tortillas to make salmon and cream cheese quesadillas.

White corn tortilla with Tofutti cream cheese and smoked salmon.

I used plenty of my favorite smoked salmon.

I sprinkled some shredded cheese over the salmon and topped it with another tortilla.

It went into a pan on medium high heat until it was nicely browned on both sides.

It came out gooey and cheesy and I loved the salty bite of the smoked salmon. 

This was a great way of getting in my weekly dose of salmon. 

 I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

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  1. I like these, sometimes I do not feel like having a lot of bread and you have resolved that issue. Bagel toppings with tortillas-the most tasty things can result from improvising due to lack of ingredients.