Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smooth moves

I ended up doing the Power Yoga - Total Body dvd.

I was surprised how much I liked it. The flow was slow and meditative but it kept you moving. I hate yoga practices that hold poses for a long time because I get sooo bored.

This tape went at just the right speed and had a nice mix of beginner and intermediate poses so you could tailor the practice to your needs.

For lunch I made another attempt at making nutritional yeast 'cheese' sauce.

I am working on a sauce that is lower in fat since all of the ones I have seen online use quite a bit of oil and/or nuts to get the sauce creamy.

This sauce looked pretty but tasted just OK. I will have to keep working on it.

I grilled up some 'chicken' tenders.

I also steamed some broccoli which I then smothered in sauce :-)

And I ate a juicy, ripe peach for dessert.

One last thing about the Rodney Yee Yoga Power Yoga tape - if you prefer an instructor who is very clear and isn't chatty or distracting, you will love this tape.

Rodney talks you through the poses, so if you are familiar with yoga, you won't even need to look up at the TV. This is a big plus in my opinion. 

I want to just concentrate on my practice and not look up at the screen all the time or listen to an instructor who is trying to 'entertain'.

Night, all!