Friday, July 1, 2011

Choices at the salad bar

Whenever I shop at Draeger's I always stop by the salad bar.

They have an enormous salad bar and everything is incredibly fresh.

And it got me thinking about the choices people make when they peruse the many selections.

For me, the fun of a salad bar is filling your plate with exactly what you want no matter how bizarre the combination.

Number one for me would be pickled beets. I know most people dislike them but it is one of those things I never think to buy and have in the house so I always enjoy them when I am out.

So my 'only the things I want' salad included:

Lots of herb spring salad mix
Shredded purple cabbage
Artichoke hearts
Red onion

I was a bit heartbroken when I couldn't find my favorite raspberry balsamic vinaigrette on the shelves so I settled for this:

This has an interesting flavor. It initially tastes very strawberry but then it finishes with a burst of herb flavor.

It was a great combo with this salad.

The salad ended up being a vision in purple. 

So what do you put on your plate when you hit a salad bar??


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