Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sleep talking and morning kebabs

Some form of somnambulatory (sleep walking) behavior runs in my family.

I did mention mine a few posts ago (waking up with things re-arranged on the bed) but mine is usually limited to talking in my sleep.

And I do know that worry or stress can increase the occurrence of this behavior.

If you know all this - do yourself a favor and don't download an app to your phone that tracks sleep movement.


Because the app. not only tracks sleep movement it also records any sounds you make.

Don't worry this is not anything scatalogical. 

Did it record me doing some non-distinct mumblings? No.

It did record me having a fairly amusing and fairly disturbing conversation (one sided, obviously). 

It was disturbing because:

1) I am talking in my sleep

2) The conversation was about pumpkins in the closet

3) I was not upset about pumpkins being in the closet but I was upset that they were not stacked properly. You would have to see the state of my closets to realize why that fact is so funny and disturbing...

I would tell you the name of the app. but I was so freaked out after listening to the recording that I immediately deleted it from my phone.

So, to follow a bizarre night, I had a bizarre breakfast.

Breakfast kebabs.
While I was out yesterday I picked up some pre-made beef kebabs.

They were on skewers and looked very pretty but they weren't cooking properly in my grill pan so I dissembled them.

Assembled or dissembled it was very delicious.

I am off to drink lots of coffee and work hard at forgetting I ever heard that recording.


  1. I am sure you are spooked and wondering what is next. Perhaps you may want to rethink the whole sleep recording thing...
    Anyhow the kebabs do look delicious! Try and have a more restful sleep tonight.

  2. Sometimes I sleep talk when I am overly tired. I is like I am half asleep and half awake. That is my kind of breakfast! Thanks for sharing.

  3. omg that is nuts! i always get sleep poralysis which i feel like its a lot worse because you want to move but you can't :(

    ooo i love kebabs!

  4. I definitely crave the strangest things in the morning sometimes!