Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pizza take 2

There really is nothing more satisfying than pizza.

I was planning on making small tasting pizzas with all three of the cans of tomatoes but I quickly realized that would take too much time.

So, instead I opened all three and did a quick taste test.

The one on the far left had a nice rich tomato flavor with just a hint of saltiness. The one in the middle tasted fine but had a slight metallic note. The one on the far right tasted about the same as the middle one and also had a slight metallic taste.

I went with the can on the far left. 

I pulled out 3 tomatoes and crushed them up with my fingers.

The tomatoes were a gorgeous shade of red.
I put them into a skillet on low heat with 1Tbsp of chicken broth, a pinch of oregano, basil, sugar, garlic powder and onion powder.

I let it cook down until it was nice and thick.

Then I took out a thawed bit of pizza dough I had in the refrigerator and stretched it thin.

I wanted the tomatoes to be the star of the show so I spooned on a generous topping of the sauce.

I found the most adorable mini mozzarella balls at the local market so they went on next.

A sprinkle of parsley on top.

The pizza went into a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes.

I put on some thin strips of prosciutto while it was in the oven.
Oh, wow, was this good. I didn't even bother to put it on a plate - I just cut it up and ate it off the cutting board.

At this point the dogs had been pacing the entire time since I opened the cans of tomatoes. They were particularly interested in the can I used for this pizza.

So, it was a done deal. I had to make doggie pizzas - and another small one for myself:-)

The only difference this time was that I left out the onion powder. It was still incredible amazing. Enjoy the photos.

Ahhh, pizza heaven. The dogs were beside themselves while waiting for their pizzas to cool down enough to eat.

They devoured them and then spent about 20 minutes inspecting each others bowls to make sure that not a crumb remained. 

I am a heavy-on-the-sauce kind of pizza person but even if you are not these tomatoes are worth going to the bother to find. 

And yes, I put on so much tomato sauce that the pizzas were not exactly crisp but I didn't care - the taste was amazing!


  1. These look amazing. I mean out of this world. You have some really lucky dogs. My sis cooks for her yorkie often. I was never able to with my last dog. He was really sensitive. The new pup seems to have more of an iron stomach.

  2. @Kim Bee


    My dogs have been eating my cooking from the first day they arrived in the house so they do have iron stomachs:-)

    Your new pup is adorable - I started all my dogs very slowly on the human foods - it can wreak havoc on puppy tummies if they aren't used to it.

  3. I love pizza!!!! They all look so good and I love that you did a tomato taste test lol I totally do stuff like that. They are some lucky pooches.... :)

  4. Delicious! There is nothing more satisfying than pizza ;)

  5. Those are my favorite kind of tomatoes, I always use them in my sauce.