Thursday, September 1, 2011

Music in the air

Last night I had made mole soup. It was delicious but before I could get in more than a couple of tastes I was lured away for a night filled with music.

*warning grainy phone picts. ahead* 

We arrived just before the sun went down and there were vendors of all types lining the street. A band was playing at one end of the avenue and people were packed shoulder to shoulder in some places.

I was excited to spot this vendor:

They make a variety of homemade dog treat all of which looked wonderful.

I didn't pick any up since the dogs are still on a soft food diet but I was tempted.

It was really fun to walk around and check out all the vendors and the entire crowd was in a cheerful mood of celebration. 

The fun was contagious and I ended up getting a tattoo!

A Henna tattoo, that is :-)

We started to get hungry slipped into this restaurant:

It seemed like every table was ordering the Chinese Chicken Salad. My friend said it was one of the dishes the restaurant  was known for.

So we had to order it:-)

I can see why people like it. The salad was light and crisp and had lots of peanuts but for me the taste was a little bland. I tried adding the mustard sauce that came on the side and it had me choking from the spiciness.

By the way, someone writhing in pain from spicy food is apparently a very funny thing to watch.

I have proof of that now...

I ordered the Mongolian Beef which was pretty good. It had just a hint of sweet and a nice amount of spice.

People were still reveling in the street when we left the restaurant at around 9pm.

I guess a lot of people were starting their Labor Day Weekend early?

A celebration that starts on Wednesday night and goes till Tuesday morning? That sounds fun and very tiring.

Check back later. I should have the mole soup recipe posted later today.

And I even may let you see how the henna tattoo is looking today:-)


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun out and about. Nice that there is an early celebration! Looking forward to the mole recipe and also wondering how long the tattoo will last. Poor doggies, they did miss out on some goodies.

  2. Sounds like fun, I love outdoor events where you can sample lots of different foods all in one walk. I try to go as many as I can over the summer. Great post and even the pictures too.

  3. Looks like so much fun. The pictures were great. The food looks amazing.