Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shepherd's pie calzone

So, I had a lot of leftover mashed potatoes and meat filling from my Shepherd's pie experiment yesterday.

I decided to make use of them this morning:

Shepherd's pie calzone.

When I asked one of my sisters about what my mom put in the Shepherd's pie she remembered it having carrots and peas. 

This did not match my memory of the recipe.

I called my other sister this morning and asked about her memories of the recipe. She remembered my mother putting a layer of canned corn between the meat and mashed potatoes - which was exactly what I remembered.

So, this morning I started with trying to make Shepherd's pie fritters.

I thawed one of the pieces of pizza dough I had in the freezer and rolled it out.

Leftover mashed potatoes and some defrosted frozen corn.

A little bit of the Shepherd's pie meat mixture.

Another piece of dough on top.

Pinch it into a nice tidy bundle.

A few minutes in hot oil and ta da!!

The first one turned out perfect but the idea of making 50 teeny tiny Shepherd's pie fritters was not appealing this morning.

So, the Shepherd's pie fritter experiment turned into a Shepherd's pie calzone.

A few minutes in the oil and...

A thing of beauty.

The taste of the red wine seemed to have mellowed out overnight or the addition of sweet corn balanced out the flavor - I am not sure which.

Either way it was delicious! 

The dogs were sitting politely by the table (drooling) while I was eating this.

Yes, they did get a nibble of the crust that had no trace of onions whatsoever:-)


  1. Those are really appetizing photos! My mouth was watering by the end! I love Shepard's Pie & calzones so this is a dream.

    Get Up & Go

  2. Such a cool recipe. Loving this one. You made one delicious dish here.

  3. Ok I love the little fritter, but I agree making a ton of them does not sound like fun on a Sunday morning. The calzone may be a thing of genius really. I mean all the fixin's then put in hot oil sounds like the perfect thing to eat on Sunday with football.