Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shepherd's Pie take 1

Shepherd's pie.

I have been working on perfecting my Shepherd's pie recipe.

Today's attempt? Well, it wasn't perfect...

So, no recipe today but I will show you what it looked like.

I didn't let the sauce thicken up enough and the extra liquid came bubbling out the top.

I made a small portion for my friend to taste test. She said she liked it but I guess I am a harsher critic.

I really liked the Parmesan topping.

I don't think I will add red wine to the next one. I just didn't like how it ended up tasting. 

Next time I think I will try a version of the Shepherd's pie my mom used to make. 

And I am going to go to the bother of picking up grass-fed beef from Whole Foods because the regular 'ol ground beef I picked up Safeway tasted incredibly bland.

I do have some leftover mashed potato and sauce so I will have to find a creative use for them.

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

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  1. I have made shepherd's pie a few times and each time a little different. My son absolutely loves shepherds pie and will tell you it's his favorite thing to eat. I went out of my way the very first time making it and made it very traditional with lamb and he loved it. It's still his favorite version but I didn't like it at all lol. Literally the lamb was to gamey for me. He asks for it on a regular basis but I just haven't found a great go to recipe for it yet. Yours looks good, maybe I just haven't liked mine lol.