Monday, September 19, 2011

Shepherd's pie tacos

The Shepherd's pie experiment left me with a ton of leftovers.

So, this morning I decided on Shepherd's pie tacos. They were not really a Shepherd's pie taco since I left out the mashed potatoes but I did include the Shepherd's pie meat mixture.

The assembly:

Red cabbage, Shepherd's pie meat mixture, avocado and white corn tortillas.

A spoonful of the Shepherd's pie meat mixture.

A little bit of shredded red cabbage.

A slice or two of avocado.

A bit of sour cream.

A generous sprinkle of fresh chopped cilantro.

At this point I realized I had a tomato on top of the fridge that was on the verge of being over ripe.

The dogs got to enjoy some chunks of the avocado (great for shiny coats!) and the surprising event of the morning centered on the tomato.

Connor loves tomatoes (for who knows what reason) and while I always offer Abby a piece, she inevitably turns her nose up in disgust.

This morning I handed her a piece of the tomato and she sniffed it delicately. Then her ears swung forward like rotating satellite dishes. She immediately gobbled it down and asked for more.

That got me interested in the tomato. I tried a piece and it was the sweetest, most full flavored tomato I have ever tasted.

Apparently, Abby does like tomatoes she just has incredibly high standards:-)

Oh, and a certain someone (brace yourself for a fuzzy dog photo)-

The smart boy.
-figured out how to unscrew the top to the dog food bin last night.

And I took that shot of him this morning. He has a stomach ache but he looks supremely proud and a little pissed off because I strapped down the lid with duct tape so the endless food supply was cut off.

Think he will ever forgive me?



  1. Gorgeous photos and creative idea!

  2. What an innovative way to serve shepherds pie! It looks tasty. Your dog is now wondering how to get past the duct tape-he thinks its only a matter of time till he figures it out.

  3. what a great idea for tacos- everything looks so fresh!