Sunday, September 25, 2011

Skinny jeans and socializing

Now that I have realized all of my clothes are two sizes too big I made the big leap and ordered these from Zappos this morning.

Jag Jeans Newport Slim Cargo Basic Stretch Twill

This will be my first official pair of skinny jeans!

Then, after lunch, I went over to my friends for a bit of socializing.

She was having people over to meet her mother and her sister. 

They had put out a lovely spread of munchies and wine.

And someone brought by these interesting nibbles:

They were chocolate mochi with a banana filling.

My friend's mother was kind enough to put them on a plate in order to take a pretty photo;-)

The chocolate mochi was dusted with cocoa. 

I tried one.

It was interesting and the rest of you would have liked it because the banana was sweet!

I started off with orange juice and then I decided to have a little sip of wine.

A very pretty bottle of vinno verde.

My friend seems to be recuperating well. I hope she gets a great report when she heads in for her post-op checkup tomorrow.

I will leave you with a shot of the very vibrant bouquet of flowers on the table.

Night all!


  1. those flowers are so pretty! i've never had mochi before, but i know a lot of people like it. i haven't exactly figured out what it is yet (i think it's a fruit?) and that makes me wary of trying it.

  2. @eachdayray

    Mochi is just glutinous rice that has been pounded into a paste.

    It has a bouncy and slightly chewy texture.