Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicken Marsala

I was feeling ambitious today and decided to try my hand at Tyler Florence's recipe for Chicken Marsala.

Unfortunately, it did not turn out looking like this:

Chicken Marsala at Don Giovani's. 

I cooked the vegetables before the chicken and this was a bad idea - they ended up being a bit too mushy.

Not awful, mind you, and I did like the caramelization on them but I just wish I pulled them off the heat just a bit sooner.

And I did figure out why this is a dish most Italian restaurants sell...

Restaurants must sell this because on chicken breast pounded about 1/4" thin is more than enough for two portions. Good profit margin on this meal I would think.

I added in extra mushrooms and procuitto.

The flavors were ok in this dish - but it tasted different for some reason.

Then I looked at the 'Marsala wine' I thought I bought.

Shame on the Bevmo guy who handed me this when I asked for Marsala wine. Sherry and Marsala wine are not the same.

And shame on me for not actually reading the label before I bought it.

I also cut the amount of liquid in half which was a mistake - the chicken ended up being a bit dry.

Either way, my friend said she thought the sauce was delicious.

So my advice to all of you is: Read the label on bottles BEFORE you buy, actually go to the bother of calculating the scaled down measurements for a recipe and don't be afraid to try something new.

Even if this dish didn't turn out perfect it still was delicious and I can only improve from here on out:-)

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  1. oops-looks like somebody had to move their excess inventory of sherry, sorry that happened. Glad you tried this dish anyway, it does look delicious. Chicken marsala is something that looks worth a try in the kitchen. Great post.