Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sandwiches, Central Park and running bras

I ordered new running shoes for my trip. I expected them to arrive while I was in Massachusetts (I had them shipped to the hotel) but the shipment was delayed and they arrived after I left.

The hotel was happy to send them to me via FedEx to my hotel in NYC. Supposedly they went out this afternoon but this morning I started to get worried that they would arrive to late to get my run in this week.

I located a running store a few blocks away and picked up another pair of running shoes. Why get shoes right now?? It is supposed to start raining tomorrow afternoon and keep raining for at least a couple of days.

Then I realized I forgot to pack my running bra - the woman at the running store mentioned a big Nike store a few streets over.

Hello happiness:

The store was huge!

It was at least 4 floors - 

And here is a travel tip for any runners out there who are well-endowed and running without a good bra (as in these babies need to be really locked down or there will be no running possible) - 

I knew it was a slim possibility to find the body-armor-type running bra I usually wear so I got what Nike labels as a 'high impact bra' (it is soooo NOT) and grabbed a regular shelf running bra in one size too small. 

I will wear both of them and it should be good makeshift super supportive running bra solution.

And I have to say that Asics shoe colors just keep getting worse and worse. Check it out:

It looks like they couldn't decide on just one color and they decided to pick ALL of the fluorescent colors

On the way back to the hotel I stopped in here for a sandwich:

After a short rest, I caught a taxi to the American Museum of Natural History.

My favorite part of this museum are the dioramas.

Then I took a long walk back to the hotel through Central Park.

The water was this bizarre shade of green - eww.

 I strolled by this great big open meadow.

I am off to dinner at a cool Parisian style restaurant near the hotel (at least I hope it will be cool:-)).

*Fingers crossed* that the pictures I take at dinner actually come out.

Night all!


  1. I missed this post. Glad you were able to get the right gear. My tennis shoes are too small and really starting to bother my feet!
    The museum looks pretty neat, you are keeping busy with some great stops in your travels-enjoy!

  2. I L O V E the Natural History musuem...the panels...the skeletons...the whole ancient feeling of the building...