Sunday, October 16, 2011

The no-plan plan

It is probably really clear by now that I did not have any kind of plan when I arrived in NYC. 

Sure, I had the general plan of going to a bunch of museums and running in Central Park but other than that I left everything up in the air.

This morning I am going to give you a recap of the last day or so.

The Met.


My favorite Jackson Pollock.

I kept trying to make plans to go to certain restaurants but, of course, I would get lost and end up going to a completely different place. Yesterday I was trying to find a place that is known for its salads - but after 2 hours of walking around that was not happening.

I ended up going here:

Joe's Shanghai restaurant.

Won ton soup with really big dumplings.

Sauteed green beans.

Seasoned tofu which wasn't very good((
Then I went to my last museum visit of the trip.

They don't allow photos in the Frick but just imagine going to someone's palatial mansion and getting a chance to look at their amazing art collection.

I swung by the zoo.

One of the seals was doing laps in the pool.

The other seal was sun bathing.

I decided to ditch the idea of taking the subway to Soho. With my ability to get lost - taking the subway is probably a really, really bad idea. 

Instead I think I will take a 3 hour walk to Sacks Fifth Avenue. Yes, it is really only about 4 blocks from my hotel but it will probably take me that long to find it:-)


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