Sunday, October 2, 2011

Classic turkey bagel sandwich

Turkey bagel sandwich.
Today was a wonderful Sunday morning. I went for my second run!

I have been driving myself and the dogs crazy with my rush to get things done before my trip.

This morning I woke up and while I was taking a shower Connor pulled my running shoes out of the closet (he just has to drag them across the floor) and (this is the kicker) he grabbed my running hat off the table in the living room and placed it on top of the shoes.

Think he was trying to tell me something??

So, I put on my shoes and hat - all the while grumbling that this was a pointless effort and headed out the door.

I ended up run/walking 2 glorious miles! And Connor makes a great running buddy because his default trotting speed is a steady 10min mile pace.

Abby is usually trotting behind me making it very clear that she feels it is insane to do any kind of running. 

And post run? I think it has been the only time I have been relaxed in the last few days. Good job Connor!!

I was starving after my (albeit short) run so I headed over to a bagel place. Sunday morning = bagels in my head.

I ordered what I think is a classic - turkey bagel sandwich.

Turkey bagel sandwich with a large coffee.

I love the ratio of meat to veggies. It is the opposite of what most people want (usually tons of meat) but it is just the way I like it.

My feet are feeling really great after the run which is a really good sign. I was so hoping for at least a couple of runs in Central Park when I am in NYC - now it looks like I just might be able to do it:-)

Kinda sad that my big thrill about being in NYC is doing my run in Central Park, lol.

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


  1. Bagels make everything better... I always seem to be craving one.

  2. I love how much turkey is on that bagel! I think running around Central Park in October sounds heavenly-enjoy yourself!

  3. We all have our favorite "to do" things where we live. Mine is walking around there is no telling what you will find.
    I sure would not find this wonderful sandwich though-we need a good deli around here. Enjoy the last of the weekend.

  4. I need to train my dog to motivate me like that. Fantastic trick. Lol! Great sandwich, love it. Great meal after a run.

  5. Your Sunday was healthier than my Sunday that is for sure. The bagel looks so good for you lol I was eating polish sausage at a football game seriously I could have used this bagel instead.