Friday, October 14, 2011

Finding greens in the city

After almost a full week in NYC I find myself craving greens. 

A salad with edamame, arugula, spinach, chicken, tofu, broccolli, mushrooms and orange slices
I am sure it is just the restaurants I have been picking and I guess I am spoiled in California where every restaurant has a super healthy green food (salad/seaweed/vegan) option. 

*Warning* pict of runners toe coming up - scroll down at your own risk.
I am sure a lot of you can relate to this - if I am doing long runs I have to make sure to keep my toenails really short or I run the risk of the nail rubbing against a toe and this happens:

So this morning I slept in and gave my tootsies some TLC. My feet would have been fine if I did my planned 3 miles - it was the almost 8 miles that caused the problem.

Around noon time I ventured out to try to find a movie theatre so I could catch The Thing.

I ended up in Times Square.

 I remember Times Square being a place that was grimy and run down and you only went there during the day. They have really cleaned it up and now it looks more like a theme park.

The movie was OK - not great. And on the way back to the hotel I stopped for some soup.
And it was a lucky coincidence that the soup place was across the street from Bryant park.

 It was the perfect place to sit down and enjoy my soup.

A hearty corn chowder was just the thing on this rainy and overcast day.

I have been doing a lot of walking during my stay in NYC. I am averaging about 3 - 4 hours a day. Not because of any actual intention of doing a ton of walking - it is just that I am in a perpetual state of being lost, lol. So, I knew the soup would not be enough to hold me over until dinner.

Then I spotted this place right across the street from Bryant Park.

There are many delis in midtown Manhattan and most of them have the most elaborate salad bar. This one was no different and I assembled a great salad to bring back to the hotel.

And I found my favorite snack food.

Seasoned crispy seaweed.
I am hoping to go on a hunt for omurice in Soho tomorrow and I will be taking the subway!

Night all.



  1. Oh, the memories of NYC...i have only been there a day at a time...oh, to spend a wk wondering've found some nice "Finds"... :) sure looks like you are haveing fun...wish i could have been with you...Heather
    you'll be down another pant size by the time you get

  2. mmm...that salad looks incredible!