Saturday, October 1, 2011


Anyone else obsessed with the omurice scene in the movie Tampopo? If not you can check it out here.

Omurice is essentially an omelet that is left slightly undercooked on the inside. It should be cooked so that when the top of the omelet is cut it falls open and it is wet and glossy inside. 

I know, hard to picture, so take a peek here. Try to ignore the cooing sounds you will hear in the background - clearly someone was very excited about their omurice.

Go here if you want a close-up on what the inside texture looks like.

Yes, I wasted a lot of time on Youtube this morning trying to figure out how to make it:-)

Mine ended up looking like this:

Why is it called omurice if it is basically an omelet? Well, omurice is made a bunch of different ways but it is almost always served with seasoned rice.

Sometimes the rice is put inside the omelet or the omelete sits on top of a bed of rice. Sometimes it is served with ketchup and sometimes it gets doused with some kind of brown sauce. I haven't figured out the brown sauce yet...

My stomach has been unhappy since last night - nothing major - I just had too many rich meals in the last two days so my stomach was just giving me the heads-up to ratchet it back for a while.

Omurice is a great meal for tender tummies and I am sure that is why it is a really popular kids meal.

But back to my omurice:

I kept my version simple and seasoned my rice with a little soy sauce.

And I stayed away from ketchup because I went a bit overboard on tomatoes lately and I am sure that is not helping my stomach.

The big reveal:

While I did not achieve the super runny style in the videos (I don't even know if I am brave enough to try it) it was soft and just barely set on the inside.

The texture was amazing - melt in your mouth and super fluffy at the same time.

Oh, and while I was out last night I picked up this:

New luggage!! I really needed this since the only luggage I have at the moment is a small carry-on bag. 

And I love the aubergine color - I will definitely be able to spot it on the turnstile!

I am off to clean and begin the early stages of panic as my trip inches closer.

But, seriously, try making omurice - it is very tasty.


  1. Love the recipe, love the luggage. Great color.

  2. Sounds fantastic. I need new luggage to.... lol I like the color. It will be much easier to find in the sea of black suitcases :)

  3. Sounds like an interesting twist off of an omelet! Gonna have to give it a try soon =)