Thursday, October 13, 2011

Art and food - they just go together

I was up early again today and I walked around the block for some breakfast.

A wet morning in Manhattan.

I wanted to try a french breakfast spot that was near the hotel.

It was so early in the morning that the outside lights were still on.

They had lots of bread.

There was one big communal table and a smattering of small tables.

Right away I ordered a bowl of coffee and some orange juice. The long run I did yesterday had me craving lots of fluids. 

And because this restaurant is all about the bread - I ordered two soft boiled eggs with bread.

Later in the morning I met up with my friend's mother at the Museum of Modern Art to see the Willem de Kooning exhibit. She treated me to the museum visit and I treated her to lunch.

We started lunch with an appetizer of flat bread and seasoned ricotta.

The ricotta was slightly salty with a nice drizzle of olive oil, some cracked black pepper and a sprinkle of fresh thyme.

They had some pretty interesting choices on the menu.

I picked the arugala burrata salad and my friend's mom chose the organic chicken.

Arugula burrata salad.

Organic chicken salad.

The food was wonderful but the company was even better.

Isn't she beautiful?
My friend's mom was surprised that I have never posted a picture of myself on the blog.

The one of me by myself didn't turn out so well but the one I took with my friend's mom turned out great. 

So, if you ever wondered what I look like - here 'ya go.

Yep, that is me on the right:-)

I am off to see a movie involving aliens and mayhem at Moma later tonight. I know, I was surprised too - an art film with aliens and violence? I am so there:-)



  1. you look like you are having a fabulous time...the french place looked great...i hope you enjoyed the moma show and not just the nice pic of you and my mom...

  2. you look wonderful. nice to put a face behind the blog. =)