Monday, January 24, 2011

Sushi - kinda...

Abby when she realized there would be no fish for breakfast.

A very sad, sad face. Please note the package of band-aids she stole out of the bathroom to console her in her misery.

For tonight - to cheer her up  we had deconstructed sushi - fancy I know!

I cooked up some quinoa and opened a couple of cans of tuna - Abby was so ecstatic when I opened the tin of tuna that it was impossible to get a picture of her. She was vibrating with joy and every picture came out a white and red blur. 

This is her beseeching face - how can life go on without fish??
So fish it was. The tuna was left plain for the dogs - I added a small amount of mayonnaise and mustard to mine.

They also got an addition of a sardine - I wish I could manage to include them in my diet - but as yet I haven't jumped that hurdle.
A doggy fish snack

The human version - tuna salad over a bed of quinoa with a garnish of nori.

I will admit they are terrible photos - but I was distracted by Abby's desperate need to have fish AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!


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