Saturday, January 22, 2011

Local Farm Stand

Yesterday I finally paid a visit to the local farm stand at Full Circle Farm. It is an 11- acre sustainable farm that has educational programs and provides community supported agriculture (CSA). 

I picked up eggs - 

 And some beautiful kale and collard greens -

 I am very excited to finally find a source for farm fresh eggs. Though, supposedly they often sell out very fast. I will have to put a trip to the farm stand down on my weekly schedule.

This morning I made quinoa with bits of collard greens chopped fine and stirred into the pot of quinoa while it cooked. On top of that I put a gently poached egg (the very nice woman at the farm stand urged me to not over cook the eggs as their flavorful yolks were best enjoyed while they are still runny). And I also added a generous topping of Parmesan cheese. The orange bit on the side is a piece of sweet potato. The egg was delicious! Creamy and buttery tasting with a depth of flavor that makes store bought eggs seem like cardboard in comparison. And check out the color! A deep gorgeous orange so unlike the pale yellow of the battery farm eggs. 

The dogs enjoyed steamed sweet potatoes with a raw egg yolk  - The camera died before I could take a picture but considering it turned out to be orange upon orange kind of image I doubt it would have been that appealing to look at. Raw egg yolks are wonderful things to feed dogs as it promotes a thick and shiny coat. I have also been known to crush the egg shells and add them in but only if the shells are crushed fine so there are no large sharp bits. I was too lazy to do that this morning.

I also picked up some locally made honey - I am going to figure out a good use for the honey and the greens tomorrow...


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