Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nori rice balls!

What do you do with left over rice, tuna and nori? You make nori rice balls. 
Abby's happy face - she gets to have fish two meals in a row!!

 First you start out with the basics - nori and some warm water.
I normally use the flat sheets of nori (the kind used for rolling sushi) which works much better - but all I had on hand were these seasoned nori strips.

Then I took a handful of rice and made a divot in the center - then I put a dollop of the tuna mixture in the middle. 
A little more rice to cover up the tuna.
 Then dip a strip of nori in the warm water. 
 Wait a few seconds until you see the nori start to shrink in size - shake off the excess water and start to shape it over the rice.
 The end result looked like this:
 The smaller one is the dog size nori ball. 

How many bites did it take to get to the luscious tuna goodness??
Just one ;-)

For the humans I recommend some low sodium soy sauce for dipping.

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  1. Those look delicious! I haven't tried cooking for my dog yet, but I'm getting up the courage to try after reading these posts:-)