Thursday, January 27, 2011

Parsley to the rescue

I should mention that cause of Abby's stomach ache is no mystery. Abby has a very unladylike obsession with eating cat poop. Yup, that is the horrible truth.

While on our evening walk yesterday - she took advantage of my momentary lapse in attention (while I was talking to a neighbor) and she dove on her prize and gulped it down with speed of a raptor.

And even though she is feeling better - I took the opportunity to make some tummy soothing snacks.

In a addition to being a great source of vitamin C - parsley has a wonderful stomach soothing effect.

I added two large handfuls of chopped flat leaf parsley to the rest of the turkey meatball mix.

Keep in mind that I have no intention of eating these - this is just a way of getting a good dose of parsley in a palatable form for dogs.

I sauteed them until golden brown.
The dogs gobbled them down with enthusiasm!

I was in the mood for a big salad.
Red leaf lettuce

Some chopped mushrooms along with whatever parsley was left on the cutting board.

Sliced cucumber.
Some shredded carrot.
And the idea for this dressing comes compliments of my friend Leslie. Mix 1/2 Tablespoon of blue cheese dressing with 1 Tablespoon of fat free raspberry vinaigrette. I know it sounds a bit odd - but it is delicious.

Some crumbled blue cheese and chopped pear (forgot to take a picture of that).
Tomorrow is Friday! I only have one more day of constant construction noise and then two days of blissful quiet....


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