Sunday, January 23, 2011

Greens for all

I decided to make asian style collard greens for myself and fish flavored collards for the beasties. 

It all started with the greens - 
Freshly washed greens
Remove the tough stem

Leftover sweet potato chopped

I put together the makings for an asian style sauce that included the local honey I picked up at the farm stand, garlic, green onion, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil (not in picture)

Next, I blanched the greens in boiling water for about 1 minute. The greens got fished out and the sweet potatoes went in for a 10 minute boiling bath.

This morning I realized that the container of kibble had dwindled down to mere crumbs - so since the pet store was not open at 7am - The dogs had a breakfast of brown rice, sauteed halibut and nori. I left the residual fish bits in the pan (nope, that had nothing to do with being completely lazy - really:-) so after the greens were blanched I added a bit of olive oil to the said dirty pan and gave 1/3 of the collards a quick toss and added in some of the cooked sweet potatoes.  

You can see bits of crispy fish on the sweet potato in the background - mmm doggie heaven!
Connor was very excited to get to eating!

After finishing her own bowl - Abby had to come over to make sure Connor had not left any tasty bits behind.
Sorry, Abby, there was not a bit left.

After cleaning out the saute pan, I added a small amount of olive oil and sauteed the rest of the collard greens for about 7 minutes. Then I turned off the heat and added in the sauce mixture. I let this cook till heated through and added in the sweet potatoes.
An extra sprinkle of green onions for good measure. 

I was expecting the collards to be slightly bitter but the honey in the sauce really balanced out any lingering sharpness. The collards turned out almost creamy and with the meaty texture of the sweet potatoes and the occasional bright burst from the ginger - it really turned out to be a wonderful dish.


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