Saturday, May 5, 2012

A new take on 'beans on toast'

Toast and adzuki beans in a butter chicken sauce.
I had a last minute dinner invitation last night. Unfortunately, it seems everyone else in the area had the same idea.

We went to 3 different restaurants before we found one that did not have an hour long wait.

We ended up at an Indian restaurant in a small strip mall. It was the best food I have tasted in a long time - I am so glad we found it. 

The dishes came with lots of sauce which I was thrilled about because I love having extra sauce to bring home. 

I woke up this morning and realized I had a pan of these soaking overnight.

Adzuki beans.
These tiny red beans are often used for the filling in Asian pastries. They can be eaten in a savory or sweet form and they have a wonderful firm texture with just a hint of sweetness.

Since I had a container of sauce from the butter chicken left over - after the beans were cooked I combined them with the sauce - then came the toast.

Next up? Douse the toast with with the saucy beans.

This was astounding!! The silky butter sauce combined with the meaty beans and that kick of spice along with a hint of sweet = perfection.

I am off to check out the farmer's market and see if I can find ingredients for the first recipe I am going to try from the Vegan Italiano cookbook. 

Happy Saturday all!


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