Saturday, March 31, 2012

California rolls

Today I had a craving for sushi. I wasn't in the mood for raw fish - I was in the mood for California rolls.

Halfway through making them I realized I didn't have a cucumber in the fridge. No matter - I really just wanted crab and avocado.

And I did have a whole container of sweet pickled ginger in the fridge.

I tend to make sushi rolls a lot. Check out this post for a step by step walkthrough. 

I am happy to report that I did clean out my car. While it was not the pitch and toss task I had hoped for - 50% of it was easily tossed and the rest was a bunch of receipts and paperwork that just needed shredding.

And I did get some closet organizer items so my quest to become clutter free and organized is going well.

I would encourage everyone to try making sushi rolls at home. It is fairly easy (use half a nori sheet for small rolls) and much cheaper than going out to a restaurant. 

Oh, yeah, Connor got a few pieces of avocado and Abby enjoyed the left over crab.

A wonderful Saturday lunch for all:-)


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