Thursday, March 22, 2012

Split pea soup with pesto

Split pea soup with pesto.

I got tired of the carb fest of the last couple of days and decided what I really needed was a bowl of soup.

I only had 1/4 cup of green split peas left so I decided to make soup for one and a nice side salad of raw veggies.

I made good use of my leftover pesto and mixed up some creamy pesto salad dressing.

I have been obsessed with a declutter project I have going in my apartment.

I have purged/shredded all the of paperwork clutter that was shoved in every possible corner. It was a dusty process going through and shredding such a mass of paper but on the bright side I found some documents I thought had been lost and now my apartment is practically dust free!

My last steps are finishing the laundry and then getting closet organizers so my closets have some kind of organization and I will be able to continue to keep them clean.

On a laundry note: As I have been spending hours in my apartment complex's laundry room - carrying huge loads across the complex only to find someone else is doing a marathon laundry binge (either that or they are taking in laundry...) and every single machine is taken.

This laundry frustration let me to longingly stare at the Panda Mini Washing machine on this afternoon. 

I love the idea of being able to easily do small loads in my apartment but I am reluctant to bring in more stuff to clutter my apartment.




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