Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tomato frittata

Tomato frittata.
These did turn out gorgeous - they were all plumped up and fluffy straight out of the oven.

I would have a picture of that if both dogs didn't suddenly decide that they had to go out RIGHT NOW!!

So, unfortunately, you get a picture of deflated frittatas.

Do take note of the adorable mini-casserole dish I picked up at Sur La Table on my Foodbuzz weekend. It is the one on the left - with the handles.

The dogs enjoyed the same frittata but with an extra bonus:

1/2 of a mini frittata with a sardine on top.

Abby was particularly excited about the fish addition - that girl does love her fish.

I enjoyed mine with a side salad tossed with Udo's oil, lemon juice, oregano, pepper and nutritional yeast.

No recipe today - but the dish is easy. Just heat up some diced tomatoes in a skillet with some olive oil. Add seasoning of your choice (mine was oregano, garlic and basil pesto). When the sauce gets thick, spoon it into the bottom of the baking dishes.

Then whisk up some eggs - add in some shaved Parmesan and salt and pepper. Pour the eggs on top and pop into a 350 degree oven for 15 - 20 minutes. 

A very easy protein packed breakfast. 

And I would skip the sardine if you are not a dog and do not have a freakish love of all things fish related:-)

Happy Tuesday all!

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  1. That scoop looks amazing. Like the italian kick you gave that frittata. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!