Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 miles down

Morning salad.

This morning I woke up vibrating with agita.

I got up and strapped on my running shoes and the dogs didn't blink an eye.

These are the beasts that do every thing they can to wake me up to get them to dish out their food - every.single.morning.

Abby looking sweet and beautiful - She is definitely not sweet...
Not today. 

I am sure they are exhausted from me flopping around in the bed all night like a fish pulled up on the dock. Yes, I am fun to sleep with...

5 miles done and I get home to the dogs dancing around in ecstasy. 

Apparently me arriving home in a good mood is a wonderful thing.

The dogs enjoyed some smoked salmon while I made a morning salad. 

It started out with some good olive oil.

This is my go to salad when my stomach is giving me trouble. I found it here (scroll down to the delicious daily vegan salad) and it has very little fat but tons of flavor - just what a body needs when you are feeling very belligerent about having to give up fat laden foods.

I steamed up 1/4 of a potato, a handful of green beans, 1 carrot and 1 cup of broccoli florets and then I assembled the dressing.

1 tsp of olive oil, 3 tsp of balsamic vinegar, 2 pinches of dried oregano, 1 Tbsp of fresh chopped basil, 1 Tbsp of nutritional yeast and a dash of dried garlic, cracked pepper and salt.
If you have to eat lots of salads it is best to get the prewashed stuff.

About 2-3 cups of lettuce went into my salad bowl and everything got mixed together.

I highly recommend this salad
and when my stomach was at its worst I was known to eat this dish 3 times a day.

True story.

And I wonder why I have trouble eating enough protein...

And a big call out to Gourmet Runner who just finished her first marathon - Congrats!!!


  1. Why thank you! And great job on your 5 miles! I've yet to purchase or use nutritional yeast on my own, but I've seen so many recipes featuring it lately. Need to try it out!

  2. You amaze me. Your food always looks so incredible and healthy. Plus you are a rock star with your exercise. Love that you cook for the doggies too. My sis does for hers as well. Have a great week.

  3. This looks like my dinner salad! I am so glad that you are motivated to exercise and eat so healthy. Congrats also on all the weight loss. Funny how dogs have such an inner clock to know when they are to be fed. I am worried about my little dog, I have been told he will probably need to stay on maintenance drugs for his kidneys.