Monday, November 14, 2011

Crispy salmon nibbles

Crispy salmon nibbles.
Yes, I agree - the salmon nibbles look a bit over cooked. But that is because this started out as salmon fish sticks.

It turns out that I am horrible at taking the skin off of a salmon filet. I mean really horrible.

What was once a beautiful, plump fish filet turned into a scene from a gory horror movie - sans the blood and a lot more fish bits.

But, it is best to just roll with these kind of things. 

Since the whole plan was going down in flames I decided to ditch the egg dip and just coated the salmon (bits) with a mixture of breadcrumbs, nutritional yeast, paprika and ground black pepper. 

They went into a 450 degree oven (another big mistake) which after 10 minutes I turned down to 400 degrees. 

And even though I did my best to ruin this dish - it actually turned out pretty yummy.

Defying the laws of nature and my oven - the salmon was quite tender and juicy - go figure...

But, no fear, I did manage to fully incinerate some of the smaller chunks so the dogs got to munch on those.

I enjoyed the crispy salmon nibbles with a dipping sauce of non-fat yogurt, yellow mustard and a liberal amount of paprika.

So the theme of the day is - embrace your failures because sometimes they turn out pretty tasty:-)


  1. The inside of that salmon nibble is amazing. It looks like the "extra crispy" had zero impact. I am glad you enjoyed these and know how to do it better next time. The skinning part is what would have also given me the problem. Thanks for sharing-I may try these along with your tasty sauce, soon as I find a fish skinner!

  2. I tend to like over crispy so these appeal to me. The inside is amazing. Love these. You always do such great stuff. It's always a pleasure to stop by.

  3. Great sauce Emily. That's a great substitute to many fatty sauces served with Salmon very often.
    Your pictures are so huge and appetizing that I get hungry any time I see them. No wonder your readers were worried about your dogs. I may get worried about you if I didn't know it's just the picture that is so big not your portion of food.:-)