Monday, November 7, 2011

Delectable nibbles

Connor's welcome home meal of red potatoes, avocado, grass fed beef, smoked salmon on a bed of steamed broccoli rabe with a drizzle of yogurt sauce (yogurt+KyoGreen+ Udo's oil) and a smear of peanut butter.

When I busted the dogs out of the kennel this morning we were all delighted to see each other.

They settled down quickly for the usual routine - I cook them (and myself) a nice meal when we all get home.

And here is Abby's meal:

Abby's was heavier on the fish - just the way she likes it.

I spared myself the bizarre food combinations that the dogs love and went with something more traditional:

Grass fed beef with steamed broccoli rabe and a baked potato.

Whenever I return home from a trip the dogs are exhausted from their time in the doggie motel and I am bleary eyed from my excursion so we all have a good meal and just sack out.

Recaps of the Foodbuzz festival to come in the next two days - I just needed to get the beasties and myself rested and well fed before the next posting:-)


  1. I am sure the dogs were glad to see you and such wonderful food for the homecoming! I look forward to yours posts on the festival!

  2. I bet you have very loyal dogs, what with making them a meal like that!