Friday, April 27, 2012

Turkey enchiladas

The green eating plan is going well. The trick is to only get produce and fruit from farmer's markets because, unfortunately, I have found that produce at the larger chain stores is pretty much tasteless - especially when you are not adding salt.

Last night I broke out this meal kit.

How can I eat this if I am keeping sodium to a minimum? I looked up the sodium content online and figured out that the meat seasoning mix the source of most of the salt in this kit. 

So, I ditched the seasoning packet, and instead I added some cumin, chili powder, onion and garlic powder to the ground turkey.

The enchilada sauce was pretty low in sodium so that stayed. I rolled up the meat in the tortillas and poured the enchilada sauce on top.

Dollops of farmer's cheese
The enchiladas went into a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

This turned out incredibly yummy. My favorite part was that the enchilada sauce (I probably used too much) soaked into the tortillas so that every bite packed tons of smoky, spicy heat.

And a nice side benefit, the kit makes 6 tortillas so I have enough left over for another meal. 

I am still working on how to create fun and delicious meals centered around leafy greens - at this point I am just stuffing large buckets of the stuff into my maw each day. Yes, I will spare all of you pictures of that glorious process...

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  1. I haven't had enchiladas in ages and these look fantastic! I have been roasting a lot of green vegetables lately and topping them with oil and pepper rather than salt - nice way to sneak in some extra greens!