Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy turkey tacos

Healthy turkey tacos.
Wow, step away from posting for a bit and Blogger goes and does an upgrade((

I am sure I will get used to it in no time but posting was a bit slow going this morning.

So, what has been up with me lately? I had a doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago and I got the news that my blood pressure was starting to creep up.

My doctor immediately suggested medication but since it is not 'in the stratosphere' kind of high - I successfully negotiated a re-check in 3 months.

This means that I have 3 months to lose some pounds, try to relax as much as possible, exercise as much as possible, learn to enjoy a low sodium diet and lastly, and probably most important, eat as many leafy greens as possible.

After hearing that cheery news, I stopped by Trader Joe's to stock up on greens.

And I picked up my favorite TJ's salad.

I am now on a mission to recreate this salad at home in a way that fits in with the super healthy eating binge I will be on for the next 3 months.

My guess is that I will be making a lot of meals using reductions to bump up the flavor and probably liberal usage of Frank's Red Hot Sauce:-)

What was the first thing I made after starting this new eating plan? Tacos, of course!

Tacos with ground turkey and non-fat sour cream and avocado sides.
I simmered the ground turkey in McCormick's taco seasoning blend and a cup of no-salt chicken broth.

The flavor of the meat was pretty intense since I let it reduce on a low heat until most of the liquid was evaporated. It was delicious! 

If anyone has a great recipe for southern style greens let me know - I have a feeling I will be eating a lot of them in the next few weeks...

Happy Wednesday all!

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  1. Don't you just love technology? I guess I should never get used to anything on the internet because it will not cease to continue to change.
    My moms blood pressure went up and she starting cutting out a lot of salt. One of the big ones was Kashi cereal. It is almost if they have to pack on the salt if they take out all the fat and calories-which is not really helpful.
    Anyhow, I am sure the sodium count on these tacos is very small and leaner meat is the way to go. It looks tasty. Have a great evening!