Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spicy Cornish game hen

Spicy Cornish game hen.
I will have to admit I have just not been myself lately. 

Intermittent posts and the ones I have done are less then stellar.

I will tell you why.

But, wait, Gourmet Runner did a great post about what (she) people love and hate about a blog posts. You must read it - it is brilliant.

But, back to why my posts have been intermittent:

This month will mark the one year anniversary of my Mom's passing. And the unfortunate thing? The anniversary of her death is the same day as my birthday.

Yes, you read that right.

So, while I have been hyper-kinetic and running twice a day (two miles (each) while trying not to think about things) I have been cooking.

How did the Cornish game hen turn out?

Not too shabby.

I tend to over cook chicken out of a freakish fear of salmonella poisoning but that is an issue for another post...

To get back to my reference to the Gormet Runner's post:

I definitely prefer posts that are honest. 

I dislike blogs that are happy all the time and I have an equal dislike for the super dismal ones. 

I hope this one is somewhere in between. 

My sister is determined to not celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday (just for this year) and it is nice to have a big bucket of siblings that are facing the same anniversary so it is not like I am facing it alone.

On the upside - I am contemplating getting a Christmas tree and dowsing it with 20lbs of tinsel - but I fear the ensuing trip to the vet's office because my dogs just cant stop inhaling the shiny stuff off the tree:-)



  1. Yes, you will do good during this time to keep very busy doing the things you love and not dwell on the passing. However, you can honor your mom best by enjoying memories of your time together. Sorry that it is kind of a double whammy since her passing was also on your birthday.
    I have a little dog and we have to put a cardboard ring around the bottom of the tree so he will not get into it. When I was little my cat tried to climb the Christmas tree-and of course it fell over, decorations and all. Hope you find a way to have a festive tree that will not be nibbled on by your pets.

  2. I can't imagine what a struggle it must be to have this anniversary be on your birthday. It's hard to be honest about tough situations like this on a blog, but rest assured that it's appreciated.
    I would love to have a Christmas tree this year since we have an actual house and plenty of space, but the cats would just destroy it. I'm still unsure of how to go about decorating!

  3. First of all Happy Birthday Emily! but of course I am sorry to hear that it's your mom's anniversary, my deepest sympathy on that. But I hope that with celebrating your birthday you remember more of your happy days with your mom. We all have good or bad days or some where in between and it's hard to pretend that we are always happy. But believe me the smily Californians on the streets and their small talk some days make my sad day happy, but some days I really dislike it.:-)
    I know you are not a fan of sweets. But are you coming to the cookie swap?:-)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon. xoxo.