Friday, December 2, 2011

Local sushi place

So I did a search on Yelp and found a sushi place near me that had good reviews.

I hate to be too judgemental because any restaurant can have an off day - but the thing that first stood out was that the avocacdo in the california roll was brown...

This is not a good sign.

And the salad was drenched in a heavy/creamy dressing that was just a bit too much.

And the biggest disappointment was the miso soup.

I love miso soup. It is salty and savory with seaweed and all things I love. 

This one tasted like they reheated the miso soup left over from last night dinner and dumped in a bunch of water - not good...

The high point was the tuna roll.

And, yes, I did take most of it home and Abby got to enjoy a couple of the tuna rolls - Connor enjoyed the cucumber rolls - he is odd like that:-)

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  1. What a disappointment. I don't know why anyone would use old avocados. I sent you an e-mail about lunch, just wanted to let you know. Hope you enjoyed the holiday.